Be still and know that I AM GOD!
Be still—watchful—steady—strong!
Keep drinking at My fountain—
Keep eating at My table—Dine with Me!
Feel My strength—know My power—
I rule and I reign over ALL.

My great wings of protection are over you.
Fear not! Guard your hearts—Guard your vision—
Guard your ears and all you hear—I AM the Greater One.
When ALL is said and done—I will be the same.
So look to Me in the midst of the chaos—
turn your hearts and eyes to the Light.
Learn of Me—Learn more!

Is there anything I cannot do? Nothing is impossible.
Remember the sand is flowing in the hourglass—when it stops—
This season will end and the new season will begin.
3 X’s—for the 3 segments of this year.

All power and all glory are mine.
Keep washing free of the “earthly” and stay by My side.
I am watching very carefully. I am setting the boundaries
Of what can be and what cannot.
You live in a time of extremes!

Stay balanced in Me.
I grant you a gift of My Peace—I give you fresh vision.
I send my Comfort to you in a hard hour.
Press into Me—Press into the Life and Light of God
For I conquer with Light and Life and Love.

Live by My standards—My Word and you will not be moved.
Help others—as I bring them to you.
Be an encourager—give hope and confidence.
I AM the same—and My hands are stretched out to humanity
Especially the children!

War—War—War will increase as the sands flow.
Your War in America comes from within your own borders.
For the enemy has poured through the gates in many ways.
Stand your ground and be not afraid.
My warrior leaders will arise and take their positions;
but not without a price!

Stand for Truth and serve Me well.
I am counting on you to stand with Me!
Blood will flow—My Blood will save!