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We the United Praying People of ALL 50 States

This booklet of prayer focus on the fifty states was inspired at a “Boiler Room” prayer session, while we interceded for America. As we circled the table filled with maps, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to put together some key information for each state of the Union. The purpose was to create a prayer strategy, which could be used by others to help strengthen and release righteous change for every state in the Union through fervent, accurate, unified prayer.

I am convinced that we, as unified praying believers, must rise up and be faithful to the Lord and to those who came before us. Our forefathers trusted God, Who equipped them to lay the foundations and establish the boundaries of our states. I firmly believe, the Lord is equally counting on us in this day to be a faithful voice of righteousness and justice in our states! Therefore, on the prayer sheets of this booklet, we begin by using the state flag, each individual banner, as a focus for prayer. Each flag symbolizes the roots of the state and declares what the forefathers envisioned for the future of their state. We also use a state motto, a prophetic destiny and a passage of scripture to declare over each state. We added a map of each state and listed its capital and top officials, so that you might call them by name before the Lord. We encourage you, to place your hands in prayer over the 50 states and believe with us for change and blessings within our borders. We have also included a powerful page of declarations, which I believe will usher in light and breakthrough across the states.

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