Declare Shift….Realign…New Assignment

The word I received on April 21, 2021

What is written in heaven—declared and decreed from the Throne—
Shall come to pass quickly now.
The thief has been found out!

Spiritual brakes are being applied and destroying powers
will come to halt the pace of the enemy—
bring confusion to the enemy’s camp.

My people who are called by My Name will stand—
unite in My Heart and then unite with each other.
Young people will be set free from the
bondages of this generation—the delusion and lies—
the seduction and enticements—the addictions
and robbery of their very identity.

Watch daughter—listen well—hear the sounds
of the earth groaning—
convulsions deep within are rising to the surface.
earthquakes—tidal waves—volcanos.
What is a man against the power of God?

Change like in Babylon of old—(Daniel 5:24-31)
overnight change—I remove–I replace—I establish.
All the world will know
there is a God Who rules over the affairs of men.

Declare shift—realignment—new assignment
for My glory and the good of humankind.
Salvation—Salvation—response to Me—
the Light grows stronger now—beams of Light increase
until the dawn fully shines and it becomes as bright as day.
The final harvest must be taken.
The Bride prepared for the Bridegroom. Glory!