Come And Dine With The King

This book is written to reveal the bountiful table of the Lord, which is continuously set before us with the daily invitation from the King of all Kings, “Come and dine with Me”. The King sets an exquisite table which is abundantly filled…A confidential table of sweet fellowship…A life-changing table which is available to whosoever will, but few there be that find it. Now, it is your turn to answer His personal invitation. Won’t you come? Read More

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Come Closer to His Table

After hearing countless testimonies from so many who received anointed inspiration while studying Come and Dine With the King, I wrote Come Closer to His Table to offer expanded teaching for individual study

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We the United Praying People of ALL 50 States

This booklet of prayer focus on the fifty states was inspired at a “Boiler Room” prayer session, while we interceded for America. As we circled the table filled with maps, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to put together some key information for each state of the Union. The purpose was to create a prayer strategy, which could be used by others to help strengthen and release righteous change for every state in the Union through fervent, accurate, unified prayer.

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