Forty years ago I started asking the Lord every Fall Season
to give me a scripture verse and motto for the coming New Year.
The scripture and motto I received would always
become my personal focus in daily prayer.

The whole year, I would place that word before me during
my morning devotions and daily pray for it to come to pass.
The Lord has answered and used His Word like a compass to focus my life.

I want to share what I have been given for 2022.
My focus is to be on the harvest and Matthew 9:37-38 is
the passage, which I will read daily.

“Then He said to His disciples–the harvest is indeed
plentiful but the laborers are few
So pray to the Lord of the Harvest to force out
and thrust laborers into the harvest.”

We are to pray for the laborers to go forth in 2022.

He said my motto is, “Even so come Lord Jesus!”
The whole verse in Revelation 22:20 (KJV) is–
“Surely I come quickly, amen
Even so come Lord Jesus.”

It is time to boldly declare this prayer!
I do not believe it is the very end, but we have entered
into a season, when we need the very presence of our King
to come with His angel armies and defeat the wickedness of this generation.
We need a space of time to gather the harvest and prepare the Bride.

I ask the Lord to bear witness to each of us–
the importance of this hour for Kingdom purpose!
Souls must be reached and brought into the ark of safety—
We are to be an active part of the greatest harvest
The world will ever see.

Our portion begins with prayer!
Then we will be His witnesses through our daily lives–
like the disciples of old—empowered and sent forth
into the harvest fields with the Gospel.