I heard:
Behold I see the influence of righteousness
I am about to move in a mighty way—many shall look to Me for their answers and guidance.
I am breaking things apart so truth can be seen and acted upon.
The laws of this land—the Constitution at the foundation will be heard again and stood upon for righteousness sake.
Lies will be blown away and many shall be removed or even suddenly taken out of position.
What is a man that he would stand against the Living God?
False kingdoms have no real strength—they are lies and vapors—blown away by My breathe.
The season has changed! America will suffer loss but rise again with newness of strength.
Righteousness and justice have returned to the White House—military strategy—logistics—conquering power will come from My throne.
I am fighting for America—the true America to defend the innocent—destroy the murderers—remove the liars from leadership both in the church and in government.
A true awakening!
I say to you My people, “Fear not! I have set the limits—I will guide day by day and by My blood and My name America shall rise from the ashes and shine again as a beacon of Light and Truth for the last days.” Selah!
Jeremiah 1:10-12