In our busy, highly scheduled world, we must learn how to get still, quiet ourselves within and without, deafen our ears to the clamor of the world, as we choose moments of rest, quiet, and solitude with the One we say we love!  We run on “fumes”, when He would provide “fuel”!  Therefore, this is a reminder that we need to feed on Him daily.  Now, it is unhealthy to try to live on “spiritual snacks”, which only give momentary energy and fail to eat our full provision at the banqueting table of the Lord.

You and I need chosen times of “closet prayer”, where we withdraw from the normal things and choose to “feed” on the Lord.  Simply get alone—where you are never alone—get alone with Jesus.  Can’t you hear His Voice, “Come away with Me, My Beloved…Be still and know that I am God!”  Amen.  Be blessed!