I received instructions from the Lord concerning His heart towards Africa. There was a fresh call on Eagles Intercessors to pray for the entire continent.
The Lord began by speaking about battle stations and strategy—locations for His glory and warfare.
He said,
“Light—Light—Light will come forth and be established in the darkness. There is now a flame of My burning, but the high towers will establish “search lights”. (Like a lighthouse) These lights will penetrate the heavens and the land to bring down My glory to the earth.”
Strengthen My House—strengthen My leaders. Release the Word of the Lord over them. I will give insight—I will cut through the “bush country” and make a clear path. There must be a network and a joining together. Eagles must spread their wings over Africa.
From the North to the South—The Sudan to the Cape—from the West to the East and the East to the West—the breaking of destructive devices—the Salvation I have promised them.
I am shouting FREEDOM over Africa—My Blood—My Victorious Blood—a great move of My Spirit. The counterfeit will be known– for the real of God is coming forth. Breaking of barriers—destruction of the false ways.
The riches of Africa (souls) will be seen. The children will be helped—the women will be lifted up—the men set free.
Warriors—warriors—warriors–From the youngest to the oldest
Bravery and boldness will arise–I am declaring Boldness—Holy Boldness.
Out of Africa the lions will roar!”

I saw the continent of Africa with a massive Lion of Judah head roaring.
Close by were many other lions roaring with Him.
These mighty ones will invade the earth with the Gospel.
I heard this passage:
“Arise…Arise—for your light has come and
the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1