Herald of the King

Hear ye! Hear ye! The word of the Lord.
He approaches—He comes to that which is His own.
For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
It is time for the sifting—the shaking—
the great disturbance that has to come.
Separating—Removing—Great removing of the
abominations of men.

The “limitations” of leaders failing to act
has allowed great evil. I am stirring things up.
I will bring forth a rage against injustice.
New laws will be put in place. There will be a godly response.

A dividing line is being set in the earth.
Many angels have been released to obey the Lord’s commands.
Mighty angels are touching the nations—changing things.
Many plans of evil will be interrupted and torn asunder.
Things will not go their way but Mine!
Understand, I am cleansing—I am dividing—I am sorting.
This will be finished and brought to completion by me.
I am birthing a “Royal church”—people of authority—
anointed by the Spirit—Arising and taking their positions to serve Me.
Evil against good—Good against evil.
A great disclosure—a great uncovering and stripping.
I will bring clarity and release strength to the righteous ones.

The Spirit of the Lord is hovering–
Descending on appointed places of launching—
My Fire will spread like wildfire around the world
Then there shall be the catching away of My Bride—
My true church.

Pray—Declare truth—Intercede—
For the acts of the Lord will be mighty and great.
Stand with Me –worship and obey My commands.
Take your position—you have your assignment.
That is why you are here—be positioned by My hand.
Stay close—walk in unity.
Herald My coming! Herald My coming!

The definitions of herald:
1. An official with the duty of making announcements.
and marshaling combatants

2. To give notice–announce

3. To greet with enthusiasm

4. One who precedes or foreshadows what is coming

5. An officer with the status of an ambassador acting as an official

messenger between leaders—especially during war

6. An official crier

May we be His heralds until He comes!