Proverbs 24:9…He who has a bountiful eye shall be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor.

We remember reading from the Word found in Mark 8:1-8 that  there was an immense crowd gathered around Jesus and they had nothing to eat.  At the instruction of the Lord the disciples searched and found they had 7 loaves of bread and a few small fish.  They questioned how anyone could do anything with this small portion.  Despite their disbelief Jesus blessed the small supply, then broke the bread, also the fish and handed it out to His amazed disciples to miraculously feed a multitude of 4,000.  The disciples were stunned at the abundance after all the people were fed.

Indeed there were baskets of surplus left over!  This passage challenges me to not only sit at the Lord’s table and be careful to strengthen my own spiritual life, but to also be mindful of those with whom I am to share these blessings of spiritual nourishment.

Let us also consider the truth that it was not only the Lord blessing, believing and breaking the bread but the fullness of the miracle came when His disciples served that bread to the hungry.  They became a part of the workings of God.  Wow!

In our humanity we tend to see our lack or the smallness of what we possess, instead of the greatness of our God to bless and multiply whatever amount we have in order that each one of us would turn to share with others to meet the greater need. We are to be instrumental in helping the hungry to have their portion of the blessing.  May many more taste and see that the Lord is good through our lives! The multiplication of the Bread of Life brings God glory and ushers in good!

Pass it on beloved!  Pass it on!