I saw:
A scene of a city skyline…many tall buildings.
I heard this message:
Prepare the city—prepare the city…
Holy invasion—purity and truth…
I begin at the roots and cut deep into the earth of men’s hearts.
I am after bitter, black roots…
The severing of their strangulation of life and peace.

I am breaking the power of controlling spirits in My House…
Releasing a new purity and humility
to those who receive Me in spirit and truth.
Much washing—much healing—much strength
shall now be released to:
1. True believers
2. Active doers of My Word
3. Faithful witnesses
4. Empowered servants who lead others with My Heart

Those who have bowed to Me
will be able to arise and serve with unified strength.
Those who resist and even stand against My Spirit…
Shall fall, shrink and shrivel up…

My Power is the only true power…
All that is less will be uncovered…
Nakedness will be seen.
Balances are established and the weighing out has begun.

I see all—know all—provide all
I shall be direct and brief in this release of judgment
and weighing out of My House.

Seek Me—serve Me—be led continuously…
Be alive in Me—
rise up to take the mountain range—one mountain at the time…

Yet serving and praying over the SCOPE of ALL.
I delight to use you as a chosen vessel—
a prepared vessel—