Having done all to stand—Stand!

Ephesians 6:13 (AMPC)
Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you
may be able to resist and stand your ground
on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all
[the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place].

I heard the Spirit say: Draw nigh—Let us speak of coming things—
Events and seasons. Much change is before you.

In this season see the enemy as the enemy—
See lost souls as those who dwell in darkness.
I desire to shine the Light.
Whosoever will may come and dwell in that Light.
There will be messengers of Light—multitudes of angels—
and multitudes of servants of God.
Yes, a year of “Lightbearers”.
Their Light will be bright, because the darkness will be so dark.

Stay in the Light—Shine the Light—Hold fast to the Light—
The Living Word of God.
Be in the Word. It is the compass of life.
Express the Word—share the Word—use it as
a correct measure against the crookedness.
The deception must be seen—
The deception must be made straight—
Crookedness of mind and spirit will be dealt with.

I am the Way Maker.
Whoever calls upon me in sincerity and truth
Will be led by Me out of the darkness.
It will take time to untwist things,
Some things will simply be destroyed—they are not fixable.
I know how to clean the slate.
I know what to remove and what to make straight.
Much revelation—much change—stay anchored—
Stand on the Rock and you will stand strong.

I saw James 1—Read and study the chapter.

It is a matter of the heart—I will continue to deal with heart issues.
If one part of the heart malfunctions—
The whole body suffers loss.
There is great strength in the heart of a man—
To do evil or to do good—I am after purity of heart.
Purity of mind—guard your thoughts—guard what you watch—
Be diligent to protect your vision—what you set your eyes
on can quickly become a part of you.
Therefore look at the Light—Look at My Love—Receive sight.

The Holy Spirit will strengthen you to be
your heavenly Father’s son or daughter.
Receive true sight—do not allow mixture.
Then you will have strength to endure the hour.

Shaking—Great shaking –Vibrating change
Things and people will be moved—change position.
Some will disappear and no longer exist.
Fear not—work—yes work on your faith.
Believe My Word—believe My faithfulness.
Believe you and I are one.
Heaven and earth have joined with each other
Victory is already assured by the power of My blood.

When I created animals—I did not make them mixed breeds—
I made them individual species.
Man alone has a spirit that lives forever.
Because man was made in the image of God—
To be the friend of God—the family of God.
Look to the original purpose
I created a world for mankind to live in and fellowship with Me.
Be clothed in My glory and enjoy My creation.
Every life is important to Me.
Listen to My heart—See through My eyes—
Remember always—I died for every human being to have
the opportunity of salvation—freedom and life as it was meant
to be from the origin—from the beginning.

The refugees come by the thousands hoping for a better life in America.
America is not their answer—I am their answer.
I have brought the fields to you—harvest them.
Pray for the changes needed to bring law and order.
Bind the spirits of fear and desperation.
Pray for shepherds—teachers to walk in the midst of these new flocks.
They have suffered much. The wicked ones in their midst have been
cruel and barbaric. I am weeping at your border.
I will take action to protect and defend this nation
from the barbarian within and without.

Men are about to fall—I am the righteous judge—
My way is right and just.
You must trust Me and I ask you to pray.
I say again—trust Me—there is yet deeper wickedness—
I am going after the roots—the cancerous roots
that bring death to the innocent.

Declare and decree strength into your own hearts.
Speak forth the promises of God for they are yea and amen.
All things in My timing and for My purposes.

This planet will one day be free.
For now I give individual freedom and great hope in the midst of the chaos.
As the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters and
I brought forth what was good—
So He hovers now over each of God’s servants to keep them
and do them good.
Declare Life—Declare Light—declare freedom to the captives.
My Love engulfs My children and they are kept by My power.
Grace to you!
Having done all to stand—Stand!