8 Things about 2024 that I know are absolutes!

We must…
1. Be alive in the love of the Lord
2. Pray in the Spirit
3. Grow in the word
4. God is always right
5. God is faithful
6. God rules
7. God reigns
8. Maranatha

Psalm 91:2
I will say of the Lord,
“ He is my refuge and my fortress,
My God in whom I trust with great confidence,
and on whom I rely!”

I was praying and asking the Lord for orders…
His navigation…
His thoughts…
His emphasis for 2024.

I heard, “SOULS”!

This year
Everything is becoming distinct—
black or white—
sheep or goats—
A plumbline that no one can miss.
“Choose ye this day—Whom will you serve?”

Then He talked with me about communication.
I heard, Writing is communication that lasts.
Speech—Mere words come and go—
they must be caught—taught—
Captured by someone to make them real in their own lives.

God made us in such a way—that when we see something—
when we read—-it registers deeper than speaking—
it is more tangible—we remember it better.

Then on December 20, 2023 …He gave me more.
The New Year–2024
Starts with pain—ends with gain!
I saw a shiny blade of a battle sword and heard,
Yea the mighty sword of God is swinging.
It is coming down with precision and great accuracy.

The Lord said,
I am determined!
I have resolved, I will deliver My people.
Some as individuals—some in groups, who have yielded to me.
I say and I declare—I am their Deliver—
Great is the Lord–Mighty are His ways!

Angels are assigned against your adversaries—
Keep praying—
Keep believing Me for the harvest—
the greatest harvest of all time.

In the midst of the strain and pain—even agony—
Then comes the birthing—”The newborn ones”—
Whom I will hold in My arms and raise for My glory.
Rejoice at what is to come—
Prepare the “nurseries” to care for “the newborn ones”.
Fear not, I am with you—
I have declared Myself as Guardian of the “new born”.
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph!

The scene totally changed…
I saw jail cells—blood and destruction—
A great roar of disturbance—
There will be exposure and the opportunity to turn to God.
Declare the fear of the Lord—
Literally the fear of the Lord to shake the nations.
Eyes and ears to be open to Truth.
Many angels—many angels
have been assigned to rescue the souls of men.

Watch for you will see miracles—astounding acts of God
For His Love is great and His power has no limit—
He is the unlimited One!

A move of God’s Spirit upon the hearts of believers
They must see the harvest and step forth into the harvest
to save and deliver—establish and train.

Training schools—Schools of truth and knowledge—
Schools of worship and praise—Schools of prayer—
Deep searching of the hearts of men.
Anointing to see–to pray—to gain openings and access.

There will be a revelation of Jesus as Messiah to the Muslims.
A revelation to give opportunity to those
whose hearts can be reached.

Iran…Great revolt—but the church will rise
and their shackles will be destroyed.
I hear My church—I hear and rejoice.

We are to read Isaiah 61.
There will be bursts of glory—the increase of Light that stays!
Light conquers darkness—declare the power of this Truth.

Light…the absence of darkness; Jesus is the Light of the world

Conquer means…To overcome by force; to be victorious

Darkness…The absence of light; evil

So…2024 begins with pain…ends with gain!
Therefore, by His power—Let’s press through!