There are bold headlines this Easter week: Jesus is alive!  As believers, we are joyfully celebrating the power of His Resurrection! Death could not hold Him! Amen!  I am reminded of a passage in John 11.  Jesus was with his disciples, when he was brought a disturbing message from Mary and Martha.  “Lord, the one You love is sick!”  Indeed, Lazarus was very sick—but his healing was on the way.  Immediately after receiving this news, Jesus waited for the timing of the Father. Then Jesus told the disciples that Lazarus was dead.  However, His Healer was on the way.

In Bethany, all human hope for Lazarus was gone.  But the Answer was coming right on time!  Jesus was not with Mary and Martha when they prepared the body of Lazarus for the tomb.  He was not yet there, when the body was laid to rest and the rock was rolled across the tomb entrance.

When Jesus arrived, a grieving Martha ran to Him.She cried, “If only You had been here!”  Jesus answered, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”  In a matter of moments, Lazarus was called forth from the grave and totally restored to his sisters.

What measure of Resurrection Power do you need today?  The Risen One hears your cry!  Psalm 34:17 declares, “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of their distress and troubles.”He’s an on time, rock moving, victorious Lord for our needs too. Trust God’s Answer—Jesus is alive!