The Lord started with “salt”…

As salt is for flavor and the preservation of food—
The Word is to be savored and preserve our lives.
Without flavor, salt is good for nothing
but to be cast out and trampled on

A “great salting” of the church is upon us—
He who has ears to hear—hear what the Spirit is saying.
The Lord will salt His House and require purity—
Salt will create a thirst for Him—
The salt will also–Separate the “impure” and set them aside.

Those who are holy will enter in with humility and great praise–
There is a new liberty and freedom to be totally His!
Burdens and cares are being cut away—
Pressures and worrisome things are falling to the ground.
A fresh breath of God for all who choose to breathe Him in.

The wind of the Spirit is being activated.
For some—It will seem to be a storm;
For others—it will be the refreshing wind of God—
removing the old.

I was taken to a hill to view huge harvest fields—
Harvest fields were as far as the eye could see.
I was instructed—
“Pray for the laborers to enter the fields and boldly gather the harvest.”
A new strength is flowing to bring the fruit of the fields to the Lord.
Then I saw some empty churches with doors barred and windows closed.
As I looked over the land, I began to see campfires and tents—
the Gatherings of the Lord.
I saw the cross raised high and angels watching—
They were covering the gatherings with their wings.

I heard—“Come forth—come forth—this is the new harvest of God—
From every nation, city, town and countryside.”
The breath of God was blowing away the oppression—
Bringing light and rejoicing to multitudes.

God will be praised! God will be worshiped!
A higher call will be heard by the faithful and courageous ones.
Like the breaking of the day—The Light will shine—
The sound of the shofar will be heard.

I heard, “Change with Me—shake off the past and former things—
Break out of the narrowness—flex your muscles and expand your strength.
New boundaries—new ways—new abilities for a new day.
The curtain is coming down on the wickedness of the wicked.
The call to holiness and purity is issued. Follow Me—be dressed in white—
Stay in My glory—and honor Me in all things.”