Torches and flames! See the torches and flames.
These are lit…yea kindled by the fire of God.
These are the burnings of the Lord…
Multitudes are coming bearing their torches…
Carrying Light from heaven.

Like a fiery river flowing through the darkness.
I see a vast throng…as far as I can see.
Then the Lord breathes upon them
And they becomes a unified burning flame for God…
With one voice—one heart—one purpose—one King!
A healing stream of love and grace…a burning flow of the Living Word.

Out of these burning ones will come the last day church.
Strong—free from the earth’s limitations.
Heaven and earth will kiss each other through their intimacy with the Lord.
There will come understanding—a release of Divine Counsel—
Yea, the Word of the Lord will be exact and sure.

I hear music—I hear worship—sounds coming from heaven—
Sounds to fill the earth—sounds that break down—
sounds that uproot—sounds that lay the Sure Foundation
and raise up the building of the Lord.
A compelling work of the Holy Spirit will come forth turning souls to Jesus alone.

Watch and participate in the Burnings of God.
Only what is His will last! Only what is of Him will stand!
Only what is of the Spirit will birth Life.