I Peter 4:7
“The end and culmination of all things is near…”

Long ago–in a distant time–
Things were set in motion for destiny and purpose.
Spiritually and tangibly the Lord created the Way.
Now, in this season of time, from the North, South, East and West
His mighty hand will usher in a culmination of His plans and purposes.

This is the season–this is the time—the culmination of the ages!
My children—My true devoted ones will be servants indeed.
What the Father of all ages has spoken shall now come to pass.
With Life—Light—Hope and Power—this is the hour.

So we begin—with joy and expectancy from Him.
We go forward together for we are the Family of God.
We are the Church Triumphant!
Arise and go in His name with humble hearts and holy boldness.
Live for the One who died for you.
He is Lord! Amen.