Heed the voice of the Lord! Strong winds are coming.
You will stand—I will protect and shield My people.
Troubles will shake and shape the USA.
My true ones will stand as pillars in the earth.
Much shall fall away and lives shall be lost.
A “ravaging wind” comes to judge the sin of this nation.
When it is past there will be openings of Light and Life that will arise.
Nothing shines without being cleansed.
I will hold back the full weight of judgment, if My people pray!
The balances are in My hand—justice shall be served—
Liars will be dealt with and the death bell tolled and heard in the land.
Recovery comes only by Resurrection Power.
Stand strong and fear not.
Many prognosticators shall say this or that—
But the voice of God will come with thunder!
These things will come in different forms on different days.

I asked, “When shall these things come Lord?”
He said, “Look to the stars.”
(Somehow what is happening in the heavens will greatly affect the whole earth—tidal waves—storms—shakings—earthquakes, etc. Our job is to earnestly pray for mercy in the midst of judgment.)